What should I do if the chain saw is broken?

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Gas chain saw is abbreviated as chain saw. It is generally used for forest harvesting, lumbering, branching, etc., as well as lumber yard production, railway sleeper sawing and other operations. The sawing mechanism is a saw chain, and the power part is a gasoline engine, which is convenient to carry and easy to operate, but the maintenance and repair are more complicated. If the chain saw has been refueled and stalled, it is not working so vigorously, and the heating machine is overheated, it means that the chain saw is broken. The editor will introduce how to repair the chain saw in detail from the following aspects, let’s take a look! 1. Before the chain saw works, let it run at low speed for a few minutes, and watch the chain saw to lubricate the chain oil to the oil line before starting to work.

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